【Latest information】
·We have changed the accommodation fees from October onwards.
·Please refrain from bringing in alcohol while eating.A carry-on fee will be charged.
(last updated:If you viewed it before 2024/1/09, please check again.)
【To all business partners】The invoice number for this facility is T1330002029805


important: Please enter check in / check out date for reservation.

Check-in date and check-out date
If you do not select (click) either, please proceed.Please be careful.

Example:For one night stay from February 1, 2020
① Click the reservation date bar to open the calendar.
② Click the check-in date (February 1, 1980).
(3) Click the check-out date (February 2, 1980).
④ Select the number of people.
⑤Click search.

Important notice from Yurakutei

  • 【Important Notices】

    ■Regarding bringing alcohol with you during meals
    Please refrain from bringing in alcohol while eating.
    If you bring your own items, a fee will be charged.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    ■Announcement of changes to the conditions for stamping the “Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns”
    Reservations made from our website are not eligible for stamping.

    【Reservation route to be stamped】
    ·Website of Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns
    ·Reservations by calling the hotel directly
    ※``1 night with dinner and breakfast only'' is eligible for stamping.
    ※Reservations made through Jalan or Rakuten are not eligible for stamping, even if dinner and breakfast are included for one night.

    For more information, please see "Important Notices".

Information about bathing

  • About drop-in hot water

    Adult(s)(Including junior high school students):800 JPY
    Elementary school-aged children:500 JPY
    2 years old ~ less than elementary school student:400 JPY
    0 to 1 year old:Free

    【Basic reception hours】
    ①10:00 to 14:00 (common except on closed days)Available until 15:00.)
    ② From 18:30 to 20:00 (Limited depending on the number of guests on the day.)

    ※The hot springs may be closed unexpectedly due to plumbing adjustments or cleaning.
    ※If there are many guests staying, there will be restrictions on reception hours for drop-in hot springs.
    ※If the number of guests is small, we may be able to accommodate guests from 10:00 to 20:00.
    ※For reception hours and closed days, please contact us by phone or check the "Notices" on our homepage.

About Yurakutei ’s efforts

  • Initiatives of this facility

    This facility uses environmentally friendly detergents and reduces the use of plastic amenities.
    We grow pesticide-free vegetables.
    For more information, please see the "Yurakutei Initiatives" page.

    【Official】Yurakutei's Instagram is also available.
    Please follow me!

Seasonal information

  • seasonal ingredients

    We introduce fresh seasonal ingredients and menus.
  • New videos

    We are currently preparing.
    Please wait for a while until delivery.

event information

  • Guidance

    We are currently preparing.
    We will inform you about event information being held nearby.

Yurakutei's signboard cat "Yuna-chan"

  • Introduction

    A cat suddenly arrived around July 2019.
    I thought the cat would go home in time, but the cat is so good at being pampered by humans.
    There was no sign of him leaving us at all, so we decided to take care of him at this facility.

    The name given to such a cat is. "Yuna"
    The child of the guest who came to stay was named.
    The origin of the name is ``Yuna'', which comes from Yurakutei's hot water (Yu) and ``Na'' (which means being used to people).
    As a ``cat with a connection'' who has settled in this facility, he has been very active in healing many customers!

    ※If you are not good at cats or have allergies, please let us know at the time of reservation or check-in and we will respond flexibly.
    Nice to meet you.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Lomi®

  • Treatment information

    At Yurakutei, you can experience Hawaiian Lomi Lomi once a month on a business trip from Miyazaki.
    We perform traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi treatments for your mind and body.
    When you relax both your mind and body, the flow of your life will change.

    ·70 minute course(whole body):8,000 JPY
    ·110 minute course(Whole body & foot pressure points):11,000 yen
    ·120 minute course(aloha energy):15,000 yen ☆Service manager recommended!

    ※Treatment fees can only be paid in cash.(Card payment not possible)

    We will inform you of the treatment schedule in the "Notice".


Google Map

Hotel Name



5190-2 Kami, Oyano Town, Kamiamakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture

Telephone number



Change from Misumi Station to the bus, go out for Amakusa, get off at Mr. Sun Pearl Bus Stop stop.

Transfer available
When you come by JR bus, we will pick you up at the nearest bus stop, Sun Pearl.
Transfer to Sun Pearl is for all accommodation plan.
Please contact me when making a reservation.
Click here for transportation access

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.