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Information about bathing

  • Acceptance of wearing "bathing clothes"

    We ask for your understanding and consideration when bathing while wearing a bathing suit.
    There was a request from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to "promote understanding of bathing wearing bathing clothes in public baths".
    At this facility, we accept bathing wearing "bathing clothes".
    We ask for your cooperation and consideration.

    <What is a bathing suit?>
    It is a "bath underwear" developed so that you can enjoy bathing without worrying about the scars of surgery such as breast cancer.Also called a bathtime cover.

    <About wearing bathing clothes>
    We accept wearing bathing clothes so that everyone can enjoy the hot springs without hesitation.
    We ask for your understanding and consideration.

    <For those who wear bathing clothes>
    When entering the bathtub, please wash off the soap, etc. thoroughly before entering.
  • You can stamp the "Kyushu 88 hot spring tour"

    "Kyushu 88 hot spring tour" participation inn
    <Get stamps and original products around hot springs in Kyushu! >

    ·This is an inn that participates in the "Kyushu 88 Hot Spring Tour".
    ·By stamping the stamp, you can get the right to apply for the original product for each stage.
    ·If you are a hot spring enthusiast, why not visit the hot springs in Kyushu that you want to keep in mind?

    <Hot water stamp book is also on sale>
    ·The stamp book mount is 100 yen.It is also sold at this facility.
    ·Perfect for making memories.

    <"Izumito" also has great benefits! >
    ·If you get the title of "Izumito" through the stages, you will be treated as "Izumijin" in various places.
    ·The hermit special treatment of this facility is a service of Onsen coffee
    ·Please show the golden stamp book of Izumito when you enter the museum.