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  2. Fishes of seafood Amakusa

Fishes of seafood Amakusa

Amazing seafood, Amakusa no Yuki

Yurakutei the lively “Umi no Yurakutei” dedicated to Yurakutei a creative kaiseki that the chief chef cooks every day

Hospitality with creative kaiseki coloring with fresh seafood

“Original Omakase Kaiseki Meal” is Original Omakase Kaiseki Meal by the chief chef who chooses ingredients.
We value our seasonal seasons, we make it with all my heart.

We can also accept a meal-only day trip kaiseki plan, please do not hesitate to contact us.
※Currently, meals and hot spring day trip plan are closed.
  • One example of auto random creation kaiseki course

    Leave the chef with the chief chef.
    Enjoy a variety of ingredients and fresh fish dishes of Amakusa every season.

    Amakusa seafood kaiseki meal where you can enjoy Amakusa's seafood.
    A heavenly menu for fish lovers.

    <About dinner>
    ·Please inform us of your desired dinner start time at check-in.
    ·Supper start ① From 18:00 ② From 18:30 
    After arriving, you can choose from ① or ②.
    ※If you arrive at the hotel after 18:30, please let us know.
    ※If you arrive after 18:00, you may be informed of dinner immediately after the announcement.
    In advance,Please understand. 

    <About breakfast>
    ·Breakfast starts at 8:00 only.
    ·High table and high chair meals at the banquet hall.
    ·It is served individually with a Japanese breakfast.

    ※If you have any allergies to your meal, please let us know at the time of booking.
    ※There are additional dishes, but the basic dishes are quite voluminous.
  • Seasonal vegetables are self-cultivated pesticide-free vegetables

    <The grower is the chairman and a large service manager>
    ·Pesticide-free vegetables have been cultivated since the time of the chairman.
    ·We want you to eat seasonal vegetables fresh.
    ·Most of the vegetables offered at this facility were grown in-house.

    <Eco-friendly and safe cultivation method>
    ·The pesticide-free vegetables at this facility are fermented from leftover food from the inn and EM bacteria.
    ·Instead of turning leftover food into "garbage," we use it to grow pesticide-free vegetables.

    <Providing safety and deliciousness>
    ·Not only is it fresh and delicious, but it is also safe.
    ·With the skill of the chef, the vegetables made at this facility will be even more delicious.