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  2. Fishes of seafood Amakusa

Fishes of seafood Amakusa

Amazing seafood, Amakusa no Yuki

Yurakutei the lively “Umi no Yurakutei” dedicated to Yurakutei a creative kaiseki that the chief chef cooks every day

Hospitality with creative kaiseki coloring with fresh seafood

“Original Omakase Kaiseki Meal” is Original Omakase Kaiseki Meal by the chief chef who chooses ingredients.
We value our seasonal seasons, we make it with all my heart.

We can also accept a meal-only day trip kaiseki plan, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Also, if foods such as allergies are available, we would be pleased if you could tell us early.
  • One example of auto random creation kaiseki course

    Leave the chef with the chief chef.
    Enjoy a variety of ingredients and fresh fish dishes of Amakusa every season.

    ※Please inform us of your desired dinner start time at check-in.
    ※Supper start, From 18:00, From 18:30, From 19:00
    ※The final start of dinner will be from 19:30 to 21:00.
  • Japanese breakfast

    Please enjoy Amakusa's rural breakfast.
    "A bowl of rice miso soup" with sashimi ara, good soup stock is eating and responding perfectly.
  • Both seafood and vegetables use local ingredients

    The seasonal fish of Amakusa is countless.
    Cook dishes from your own ken.