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Overnight Stay Plan

Please spend a relaxing time in the healing Japanese space.

Speaking of Amakusa, seafood!
For fish lovers, Amakusa can not be removed.
Please enjoy super sized seafood kaiseki cuisine.
  • Amakusa's seafood enjoyment course, Standard Plan

    Dinner is a cuisine cuisine where you can enjoy Amakusa seafood.
    In the morning warm you up with miso soup where the soup of fish caught in Japanese breakfast.

    In the room of tatami mat, sit comfortably at the window
    I can relax with an armchContinue reading
    Room rate
    14,000 yen(Tax excluded·Onsen tax not included)~
  • Weekday only, reasonable healthy plan

    "I like fish but I can not eat much."
    "I'm on a diet"
    How about a health plan such people?

    2 items are reduced from basic plan, 10 items in total.
    Still, you can enjoy fish.

    ※Rates vary depending on the number of adults per room.
    ※One nighContinue reading
    Room rate
    12,000 yen(Tax excluded·Onsen tax not included)~
  • Late-night shrimp, Gratifying Ise Shrimp plan

    For those who say "I want to eat lobster with Ise shrimp because it's so hard"
    Recommended plan.
    I eat all of Ise shrimp.
    I can meet sashimi, fried food and morning miso soup next month.

    ※Please note that Ise shrimp is not one person, one taContinue reading
    Room rate
    17,000 yen(Tax excluded·Onsen tax not included)~
  • Anniversary also ◎, special special leave plan

    "I also like fish, I want to eat meat too!"
    "As a celebration, luxuriously!"
    It is a recommended plan for those who say.

    I have plenty of supper, so please come with a meal for lunch.

    ※Rates vary depending on the number of adults per room.
    Continue reading
    Room rate
    22,000 yen(Tax excluded·Onsen tax not included)~
  • Breakfast at the inn, plan with one night breakfast plan

    For sightseeing and work mainly at late arrival, those who want to eat breakfast only at the inn are decided by this plan!
    "Don Puri Miso Soup" with plenty of fish soup is miso soup that stains in the body of this facility.
    With seasonal vegetContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 10,000(Tax excluded·Onsen tax not included)~
  • Hot Springs & Tourism Fun, Only Room/ No Meals Included Plan

    Amakusa sightseeing, I recommend this plan to those who want to enter the Great cave bath!
    It takes about 2 hours to get to the vicinity of Sakitsu Church, which is registered as a World Cultural Heritage, by car.
    Drive along the coastline, enContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 9,500(Tax excluded·Onsen tax not included)~
  • Also in the business hot springs! , No meal Remote mealless plan

    Showa Retro atmosphere drifts in 10 sq m of calming rooms.
    While listening to the sounds of the climbing sink hot springs, you can get to sleep.
    It is a great plan to put in business and sightseeing as much as possible on a low budget and intoContinue reading
    Room rate
    4,980 yen (Tax included·Including hot spring tax)