If there is a significant time change on closed days and outdoor hot springs, we will announce you at the "Notice" on the hotel website.


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Information from Daidokutsu no Yado Yurakutei

  • You can drop in and bath

    Good news for those who say "I want to go in even with hot springs only!"

    It is possible to stop by and have a hot water.

    <Reception time>
    Morning part: Ten: 00, ~ 15:00
    Afternoon: 18:30, ~ 20:00

    ※Due to the adjustment and cleaning of hot spring piping, there may be sudden holidays.
    ※If there are many overnight stays, there will be a limit on the reception hours for the drop-in hot water.
    ※If there are few overnight stays, you may be able to guide from 10:00 to 20:00.
    ※For reception hours and closed days, please contact the inn by phone or on the homepage
    Please confirm "Notice".

Can you find the perfect shoe for your feet?

  • Please arrange the foundation of the body and give the heart and body stability.

    Earth shoes, will come to Yurakutei.
    With the motto "Shoes that connect to the earth with materials that connect to the earth"
    Ueno is currently working as a shoemaker in the Shinshu Nagano workshop.
    With custom-made semi-ordered shoes that fit your feet,
    He / she rejuvenates from the foot.

    Such a shoe craftsman who solves the problems of feet and shoes.
    To Ueno who gently talks to both feet and people,
    Why don't you talk about your problems with your feet and shoes?

    ※The scheduled time (December 12 to 15, 2019) has been postponed due to circumstances. It is currently undecided, but we will report if the schedule is decided again.

Facility Information

  • Natural Hot Springs《 Hot spring legend 》The first spring discovered hot springs "silent" dig here! The water will spring up "

    Primary Kanshu 45 years cold early morning of January Showa (time period), woke up to the murmuring sound of.

    While rubbing a sleepy eye on the place where the sound is going, it is a corner of the garden, a runaway stands at the place where there should not be anything, and a river flows.
    Looking carefully while thinking "funny", an unfamiliar old man stood in front of me.
    She is an old man in white white beard with a white face on a white face.

    And the old man suddenly washed out her face.
    "Who is your grandfather?" He asked, "He is a grandfather, but his grandfather was silent.
    The owner put hands on the flow of steam rising.
    "Wow! It's hot water."
    At that moment, my grandfather became a white snake, swam in the stream, left me.

    A few years later, when it was time to start drilling underground water from a small amount,
    The owner suddenly remembered the dream of the hot spring and immediately consulted with the bowling shop and started mining the hot springs.
    My family was half confident, but the owner did not hesitate.

    And a year and a little later, as the old man told me
    A really hot spring springed out where there was nothing.
  • front desk

    The furniture of antique style drifts the atmosphere of a calm accommodation.
  • lobby

    We are preparing sofas & tables so that you can relax and have a relaxing time.

    We are preparing coffee which is boiled in hot spring water after breakfast, so I would be pleased if you relax and relax after the meal.
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Hotel Name

Daidokutsu no Yado, Yurakutei


5190-2 Oyano-cho, Kami-Amakusa-shi, Kumamoto

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Change from Misumi Station to the bus, go out for Amakusa, get off at Mr. Sun Pearl Bus Stop stop.

Transfer available
When you come by JR bus, we will pick you up at the nearest bus stop, Sun Pearl.
Transfer to Sun Pearl is for all accommodation plan.
Please contact me when making a reservation.
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