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·Yuna ranks 23rd in the ranking of Rakuten Travel signboard cat
·About National Travel Assistance Extension(~6/30 ※4/29 to 5/7 stays excluded)
If you have seen it before March 22, 2023, the last update date, please check again.


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"Rakuten Travel Signboard Cat Ranking 2023", Yuna-chan is 23rd

  • Thank you for voting to support Yuna-chan!

    Yuna-chan, the signboard cat of this facility, was ranked 23rd (out of 39th).
    Since up to 20th place will be posted, it was not posted,
    I will continue to upload on Instagram, so
    Please continue to support Yuna-chan♡

About the national travel support "Kumamoto rediscovery journey" (national version)

  • About extension of national travel support "trip of Kumamoto rediscovery"(Until June 30, 2023, excluding GW )

    ※Only direct phone reservations are accepted. (with budget)
    HP does not sell it.

    ※If you make a reservation with Jalan or Rakuten Travel, you need to obtain and apply a national travel support coupon by yourself.

    【Until June 30, 2023 ※From April 29th to May 7th, except for overnight stays】
    Eligible:Whole country
    conditions:(1) Have been vaccinated 3 times or more, or antigen test or PCR test result is negative
     ※Antigen tests need to be done on the day of your stay or the day before, PCR tests need to be done 3 days before your stay (expiration date is sample collection day + 3 days, e.g. 13 days for 10 days).
       ② When checking in, show ① and an identification card such as an insurance card and fill in the application form

    ※Those who do not apply can also stay. (Normal price without subsidy)

You can stop by!

  • Reception time and fee for drop-in hot water

    <New rate>
    Adults (including junior high school students) ¥ 800   
    Elementary school student ¥ 500  
    2 years old to under elementary school age 400 yen
    0 to 1 year free

    <Basic reception hours>  
    From 10:00 to 15:00 / From 18:30 to 20:00(Final call)

    ※Due to pipe adjustments and cleaning of hot springs, there may be sudden closing days.
    ※If there are many overnight stays, there will be a limit on the reception hours for the drop-in hot water.
    ※If you do not have enough accommodation, we may be able to guide you through from 10:00 to 20:00.
    ※For reception hours and closed days, please contact us by phone or check the "Notice" on the website.

About preventive measures such as infectious diseases

  • We are taking measures to prevent new corona infections

    At this facility, we take preventive measures against infectious diseases.

    The following is posted, so please check when you stay.

    <Initiatives of this facility>
    <Request to everyone>

    ※For details, please see the related page.

You can stamp the "Kyushu 88 hot spring tour"

  • "Kyushu 88 hot spring tour" participation inn

    <Get stamps and original products around hot springs in Kyushu! >

    ·This is an inn that participates in the "Kyushu 88 Hot Spring Tour".
    ·By stamping the stamp, you can get the right to apply for the original product for each stage.
    ·If you are a hot spring enthusiast, why not visit the hot springs in Kyushu that you want to keep in mind?

    <Hot water stamp book is also on sale>
    ·The stamp book mount is 100 yen.It is also sold at this facility.
    ·Perfect for making memories.

    <"Izumito" also has great benefits! >
    ·If you get the title of "Izumito" through the stages, you will be treated as "Izumijin" in various places.
    ·The hermit special treatment of this facility is a service of Onsen coffee
    ·Please show the golden stamp book of Izumito when you enter the museum.

Proposal of "accommodation invitation ticket" gift

  • Accommodation invitation tickets for this facility are now on sale!

    To those who took care of me
    Would you like to give a gift to your loved one?

    We also have other recommended gifts!
    Please feel free to ask whether you are visiting the hot springs or staying at the hotel.

    We also sell one handmade "Amakusa Saori Weave".

    ※For details on gifts, see "Recommended Gifts".

I started Instagram ~

  • 【Official】Yurakutei Instagram is now available!

    Thank you for waiting ~!

    【Official】Yurakutei Instagram was established.

    Yurakutei's daily life.
    Yuna's daily life.
    Yurakutei for each season.
    And so on, so please check it out.

    ※To view the photos on Instagram, you need to register on Instagram.


  • Click here for opinions and impressions about Yurakutei

    How was your stay at this facility?

    We would like to devote ourselves so that everyone can have a comfortable time.
    All the staff are encouraged, and of course, good comments are welcome.

    ※If you would like to see "Kuchikomi", please click "→Review" below.
    ※You can browse "Kuchikomi" on the hotel website, but please note that you can only post from "Jalan"'s page.

Facility Information

  • front desk

    The furniture of antique style drifts the atmosphere of a calm accommodation.
  • lobby

    We are preparing sofas & tables so that you can relax and have a relaxing time.

    After breakfast, a coffee roasted in Shirayu Onsen Water is available at the lobby for self-service.
    I hope you can relax after meals.
  • Let's ask AI

    With AI, you can ask questions 24 hours a day!

    You can ask AI (artificial intelligence) anytime on the net.

    【Ideal for such people! 】
    ·I want to know about the facilities in this facility and the surrounding sightseeing before booking.
    ·I made a reservation, but something I didn't understand came out.
    ·I want to ask various questions, but I only have time late at night.
    ·I'm in the room, but I want to solve it smartly without calling the front desk.

    With AI, you can always solve your questions without worrying about time! Information can be provided in each language on the facility's website even before reservation.
    Please check it out.
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Google Map

Hotel Name



5190-2 Kami, Oyano Town, Kamiamakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture

Telephone number



Change from Misumi Station to the bus, go out for Amakusa, get off at Mr. Sun Pearl Bus Stop stop.

Transfer available
When you come by JR bus, we will pick you up at the nearest bus stop, Sun Pearl.
Transfer to Sun Pearl is for all accommodation plan.
Please contact me when making a reservation.
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.