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Inn initiatives

  • Preventive measures against infectious diseases of inn staff

    <Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at this facility>

    ·An acrylic board is installed at the front desk reception to prevent droplet infection.
    ·All staff wear masks.
    ·Hand sanitizers are available at the front desk, banquet halls and rooms.
    ·We ventilate and disinfect the facility and rooms.
    ·Thorough measurement of body temperature, health check, hand washing, gargle, and hand disinfection during staff work.
    ·We take measures such as providing individual meals and separating seats as much as possible.
    ·For facilities shared with the large communal bath, there are time restrictions and number of people restrictions.
    ·If a customer or staff member develops a fever, we will immediately contact the public health center for instructions and take appropriate measures.