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  2. About lost items management

About lost items management

  • Lost property management policy of this facility

    <About lost items management>
    storage period: It will be one month from the date of discovery.
    However, in the case of the following conditions, please note that it will be disposed on the same day.
    ※Inquiries about lost items:
    ·If you live in the vicinity, you can leave at the front desk so that you can come to the inn at your convenience. If you can't come to the inn because you are busy, you can send it by cash on delivery if you contact us.
    ·If you live far away, you can send it by cash on delivery.

    Object of disposal: For hygiene reasons, the following lost items will be disposed of on the same day, so please understand in advance.
    1Unopened, regardless of opening, drinks and food will be disposed of.
    2 We will dispose of wet clothes, underwear, swimwear and towels.
    If you do not contact us, we will dispose of it one month after the date of detection.

    ※There are so many things left behind, so thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the above-mentioned management of left things.