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  2. new·Old, Akayu component comparison

new·Old, Akayu component comparison

  • Astounding in the new Akayu component's greatness!

    Newly seep was Akayu component in October 2018 had become the great thing.
    New ingredients were added to the previous Akayu or the concentration was higher.
    I tried to compare changes of Shin Akayu for numerical values!

    ,Please watch.

    ※Some of the ingredients are being confirmed, but we will inform you as soon as we understand.

  • I think that you can experience the awesomeness of this Akayu even for regular customers and first-time customers.

    Your first voice:
    ❝ Initially it was "as much as possible" to the scene where Yunaka covered the membrane tightly on the surface. However, since it is still a corner, once it entered several times, it became increasingly addictive. A

    It is such a special hot spring that it is rare.
    Please try.