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  2. <Recommended gifts>

<Recommended gifts>

  • <Would you like to give us an accommodation invitation ticket?>
    <Gift suggestions>

    Accommodation invitation tickets for this facility are now on sale.
    Birthdays, milestone celebrations, anniversaries, etc.
    Would you like to give a gift to that person who took care of you and to your loved one?

    There are many other gifts as well.
    ·Biwamin and original shaker
    ·Beauty salon with counseling
    ·Stop-by hot water,Hot spring ticket(Spell 11 sheets, 1 extra)

    You can consult with us depending on the combination and budget.
    Please ask at the front desk when you come to the hotel.
  • <Birthday / anniversary / milestone celebration gifts>
    <If you have a Yurakutei>

    ·Accommodation invitation ticket for this facility
    ·Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Invitation Ticket
    ·Beauty salon ticket with counseling
    ·"Charcoal eight" set
    ·Beauty set(Pack, loquat soap, super whipping net, etc.)
    ·Health set(Loquat, loquat seeds, etc.)
    ·Sweets set(Pecan nuts, gyokuro matcha, Prawn Crackers, etc.)
    ·Amakusa dried food set(Niboshi, seaweed, Sargassum fulvellum udon)
    And so on, you can combine them freely.

    ※Please ask the staff for details.