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  2. Hot spring inn / hotel general election

Hot spring inn / hotel general election

  • 【Hot spring inn / hotel general election 2021】Voting method

    <Voting method>
    ① Click "General Election Website" on the top page.
    ② Click the "Support" item below the photo on the introduction page of this facility to automatically go down.
    ③ Select the department you like and click it to open a small window where you can enter your e-mail address.
    Please register your e-mail address by clicking the place in blue letters "Register for the first time" in the bottom column.
    ④ When you check your registered email, there is a URL in blue letters, so click on it to approve it.You can return to the voting screen of ②, enter the approved email address, and enter the support message.
    ※If you see the message "Already supported" on the voting screen, your vote is complete.If you do not see the message, click the item you want to support in "Support" again.
    ※It's a little difficult to understand, but please vote.

    <About the number of votes>
    ·1 person, 1 inn per department, only once
    ·There are 38 divisions in total, so you can vote for support up to 38 times.
    ※It doesn't change for one person, one inn, or once, but there are many departments, so you can support different inns in other departments.The more you support, the higher the gift winning rate will be, so please vote a lot and get excited.