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  2. What is pipe exchange?

What is pipe exchange?

  • There is a thing that we will be informed that "I can not accept an outpatient bathing right now due to pipe exchanging."
    Let me introduce a part of the work that many people enjoy with hot springs, along with an explanation of why pipe exchange is necessary.

    Maintenance is essential for "living hot spring".
    As a big reason···

    ① Because "scale" adheres to the pipe
    ② In order to rest the spa from which sourced from the source

    ※Scale is thing about commonly said Yunohana.
    Yunaka will take time and stick to the inside of the pipe (below) and set.
  • We keep quality of hot springs · hot water · temperature

    ① In order to remove the scale, replace the pipe
    I will exchange pipes so that hot springs can reach the bathtub smoothly.
    As for the pipe clogged like the photo above, the staff of the force including the president strikes the pipe and removes the scale.

    ② I will rest the hot spring Zzz
    Continuing pumping up the underground water source of the hot spring, the amount of hot water will be reduced.
    Sometimes I will rest the hot spring so that the amount of hot water returns so as to keep the sinking on the source.

    ※The temperature of the hot spring is checked by the president and the service manager entering the hot spring directly.
  • To the hotel guests

    The bathing time for hotel guests is a little early, until 11:00 pm.
    Because hot spring ingredients are dense, Yunaka will settle in the bathtub.
    For that reason, we clean the bath every evening by sending hot water in the bathtub in order.

    We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.
    We are going to make you enjoy the hot spring comfortably, so please please understand.