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Amakusa Tourist Information

There is a beautiful beach in the vicinity.

There is a beautiful beach called Yumigahama Beach nearby.

tourist information

  • Yumigahama Beach

    • A beach where children can relax with confidence

      Yumigahama Beach

      A 2-minute walk from the hotel, Yumigahama Beach waves are calm.
      People who know it, full of sense of rebirth beach.
    • You can also fish from breakwaters and sandy beaches

      Enjoy fishing

      Local people also enjoy fishing fishing, Yumigahama Beach.
    • Hand-made designs and poetry are studded

      Cute emoji

      There are a lot of cute pictograms on the Yumigahama beach!
      Walk while looking where you are!
    • Sunset over the Shimabara Peninsula

      Exquisite sunset on the Yumigahama Beach

      A 2-minute walk from the hotel, the Yumigahama Beach is a hidden spot where you can see the magnificent sunset!
      In the summer there is sun until about 8 o'clock in the evening, which is also ideal for a walk.
  • Neighborhood

    • Near the beach

      There are shops near the seaside.
    • Country landscape

      Country landscape.I will be healed.
    • search

      Why not try exploring slowly?
  • Various Amakusa's pleasures

  • Amakusa little away from Amakusa

    • World Heritage Site, Misumi West Port

      It's like Misumi West Port of the city like the Netherlands.
      A masonry pier and a waterway, and a building that leaves the appearance of the Meiji (time period)... ....

      Registration of World Cultural Heritage is decided in Heisei 20 (2015) as one of the "Industrial Revolution Heritage of Meiji Japan".

      "Street address", Misumiura, Misumi Town, Uki City, Kumamoto Prefecture
    • Amakusa little away from Amakusa, Matsuai Shirakabe Dozo-gun

      The townscape of "White Wall Door Store" in the Matsuai District once flourished as a town of brewing and fishing.

      There was also a history of fire suffered from the location of the topography and dense buildings many times, there were buildings of "White Wall Soil" excellent in fire protection and a small street called "Hiyokemichi Hiyokemichi (Hiyokemichi)" at the time Traces of ingenuity remain.

      "Street address", Matsuai, Shiranui Town, Uki City, Kumamoto Prefecture
    • The legendary beautiful coast of the Emperor Saiko Okoshi Shrine (Okoshiki Kaikan)

      A coast of the Ariake Sea with the legend that the beautiful coastline was observed in the eyes when Emperor Jing-jing who appeared in "Kojiki" or "Nihon Shoki" made an expedition in Kyushu, and was took care of the shogun for a while.

      "Street address", Shimo-oda Town, Uto City, Kumamoto Prefecture