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  2. The way to Akayu revival

The way to Akayu revival

  • For those who were affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake that occurred in April 2016 I would like to express my condolences from the bottom of my heart.

    On the day of the earthquake the hotel felt a great tremor and evacuated to a public hall on a small hill.
    Also, in the earthquake that was in the middle of the night, the tsunami warning sounded and temporarily evacuated to the community center as it arrived.
    I confirmed each other's safety and I was relieved.

    The deviation of the ground occurs in the shaking of the earthquake, no longer out hot water shifted also to pipe to reach the water source of Akayu It was not easy to change pipes alone, but we had to make a decision to "re-dig".
    As hot springs came out for granted, the loss of Akayu became a big blow.
    Nevertheless, with the strong will "Make popular", I started to work on Akayu Resurrection.
  • Re-dig a Akayu of Akayu

    Akayu has a water source at a location about 1,000 m underground.
    For that reason, we will set up a steel tower (toyura) on the ground and let the digging pipe go down to the water source.

    The steel frame of the oar was assembled in three stages.
    The crane that came on the first day of assembly was too small to lift the steel frame, and the crane car floated on the contrary. The staff who watched the work was also exciting.
    Assembly on that day was abandoned, and on the next day a huge crane came.
    Although the steel frame was lifted by the huge crane, it took time for the steel frame to sway above the sky and to be shaken by the wind or not to be settled easily at the assembling position.
    However, the bowling staff is also a professional there. I was able to assemble it safely.
  • Is a lump of iron that would have for the first time touched the new Akayu
    I dug it down to 1,000 m underground.

    We are exhibiting in the lobby, so please have a look.
  • Boring work progressed in safety first.
  • Chairman watching bowling work

    Yumigahama Onsen chairman who was the excavator of Yumigahama Onsen watched over the work.

    I will not defeat the summer heat
    I will not lose to the coldness of winter
    Both rainy days and wind days
    From early morning until dusk
    The work continued.

    I am thankful to the bowling agent.

Akayu! To resume at the reunion for the first time in 2 years

  • Awaiting wait, Akayu got out!
    It is a reunion of "Akayu" for the first time in 2 years in October 2018.
    For a long time, although we are affected by the earthquake, we have kept you waiting.
    "Is Akayu still there?"
    "Akayu comes out after it comes out"
    It was 2 years that I reconfirmed how "Akayu" was needed in the voice of.
    Meanwhile, I had my hard work on "Shirayu", so I saw how valuable the existence of "Shirayu" was.
  • Even after Akayu has been re-digging, hot water is continued work to stabilize.
  • A steam rises, a beautiful sight lit by the morning sun.
  • Akayu gushed steadily.
    It is a pleasant scream.
  • Akayu overflowed to the road.
    As the public road in the hot spring component would be steeped in Akayu color.
  • "New Akayu" is upgraded to new ingredients · high concentration

    As Akayu revived with a new ingredient, thank you for your continued Yurakutei of Yurakutei.

    Thank you very much for your long term bowling business.

    ※Comparison chart of new · old, Akayu ingredients was made, so please have a look.